SAVING FROSTY: An Unusual Rescue

A Des Moines family was out of options Thursday after finding their beloved pet trapped out of their reach.

The Leach family’s cat, Frosty, went missing on Monday. Three days, and a snow storm later, they found her, trapped three stories up in their neighbor’s tree. The family tried to call for help, calling the Animal Rescue League, the Fire and Sherriff’s Departments, and Animal Control, but no one could help.

Then a friend suggested a tree service company. Though they're not used to these types of calls, Andrew Harden came to Frosty’s rescue.

“Most of the time we’re being called out to remove or trim trees, diagnose them for pest problems,” said Andrew Harden, the owner of EmBark Tree Service, “It was just kind of fun to go up there and get her down safe, especially since the different places couldn’t help her.”

The Leach's say Frosty has no injuries; she's just a little skinnier than she was on Monday.

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