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ST. DAVID’S: Having A Wales Of A Time

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From tulips to daffodils; Pella may have been founded by Dutch immigrants but that heritage is giving a helping hand to a Welsh tradition this weekend.

The town is best known for its Dutch-inspired architecture and tulip festival but the downtown spot, Royal Amsterdam Hotel will host the Iowa Welsh Society’s St. David’s Day Lunch Saturday, March 2nd.

Falling on March 1st each year, St David’s Day is commemorated, often with daffodils, in Wales and across the world to commemorate the country’s patron saint who supposedly died on that day in the year 589.

In 2013, hotel owners and Iowa Welsh Society members, Richard and Kellie Phillips will see members from the 28 year old society celebrate all things Welsh in Iowa.

There are close to 2 million Americans that can lay claim to the British country’s ancestry compared to a million more that reside there. 3.8% of Americans also bear a welsh surname. That includes you Mr Jones, Mrs Williams and Ms. Davies.

There are also some notable American figures with Cymru blood including Jefferson, Lincoln, Nixon and Hillary Clinton.

Immigration may have slowed since the early 20th century but there have been a few notable exceptions including actors Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

If you’re in Pella this weekend, you may have the chance to have a Wales of a time, although residents of Wales in Montgomery County surely do most days.

Registration for this year’s lunch has passed but if you’re interested,  an annual society membership costs $15.