DROUGHT UPDATE: Iowa Needs More Moisture

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The drought of 2012 has rolled over into the drought of 2013.

In December we finished off the year with a precipitation deficit just under 10 inches.  With heavy snowfall in the new year, we are now sitting at a 0.57" surplus for 2013.  Unfortunately this means that we still need 9.16" of rain or about 9 feet of snow to make up for the shortcomings of 2012.

Central Iowa averages roughly 10" of liquid precipitation from March to May.  This means that in order to overcome drought conditions we will need to receive double our normal rain/snow amounts over the next three months.  All of these numbers are specific to records kept at the Des Moines International Airport.

Current drought conditions across the state are as follows:

Moderate: 99.99%

Severe: 54.35%

Extreme: 32.05

Exceptional: 1.23%