MURPHY’S LAW: No more TV timeouts, Magic’s $$$$, Baby Watch

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By: John Sears

The girls state basketball tournament is down to the final day.  All of the championship games are televised live on TV.  This is great exposure and cool for the kids, but the amount of TV timeouts is getting flat-out ridiculous.  Awful.  The Class 3A title game was supposed to start at 8:00 tonight, it didn’t tip till 8:45.  In the Davenport Assumption Estherville-LC game Assumption led 60-40 with 30 seconds left, dead ball.  What do they do?  Take a TV timeout.  Really?  Up 20, 30 seconds left and they need to get in 4 more commercials.  The amount of TV timeouts is insane…Its HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS BASKETBALL!

It’s Dowling vs Southeast Polk for the 5A title Saturday night.  Who’s the favorite?  No clue.  Neither of these 2 teams are supposed to be in the championship, but they are.  I just hope it ends before 10:00.

IOWA MBB VS MICHIGAN STATEThe Hawks play at #1 Indiana Saturday night.  I have a baaaaaddddd feeling about this game.  I don’t expect the Hawks to win, but I think it could get really ugly.  Hoosiers coming off a loss, playing for the Big 10 title, and a #1 seed.  Iowa not real strong away from Carver playing without freshman PG Mike Gesell.  It has all the makings for a blowout, hopefully I’m wrong.

I’m curious to see how Iowa State bounces back on Saturday.  The Cyclones were robbed Monday against Kansas, so much so the Big 12 apologized.  ISU is not a lock for the NCAA tournament, a win at Oklahoma on Saturday and I’d say they’re in.

The ISU women are 2nd in the Big 12.  Cyclones are having another great season.  Unfortunately it’s hard for me to get excited because ISU, just like a lot of women’s teams, have no chance against some of the powers.  Baylor, Notre Dame, UCONN, Stanford, etc. are just better.  There’s just not much parity in the women’s game like the mens.  None the less, great season so far for the Clones.

Magic Johnson offered to put up $1 million dollars to the slam dunk champion IF Lebron James enters.  I wish I could just pony up $1 million dollars for a contest.  Lebron, enter the contest, win it, and donate the $$$ to a great charity, you’ll win over even more fans.  I’m not sure what Lebron is scared of…Losing?  A million bucks might change his mind.

Reports say Joe Flacco will be the highest paid QB.  Oh what a Super Bowl title can do.  Flacco was GREAT in the playoffs, but ask yourself this.  Would you take Flacco over Brady?  Peyton?  Rodgers?

T-minus….Oh wait the due date has already passed.  No baby yet, still waiting.

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