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While Iowans are bracing for an economic slowdown, Sioux City is getting national recognition for business expansion.

“It’s a really good indicator of economic development success. It means at the state, regional, and local level these communities are doing what it takes to convince business owners to invest into capital projects into this community,” said Ron Starner of Site Selection Magazine.

The Sioux City area topped Site Selection Magazine’s list for economic development.  The magazine looked at cities with a population of less than 200,000.

Economic development leaders told sister station KTIV, the award shows businesses confidence in the economy, “When they realize that our economy is growing and that creates new jobs which supports the tax base and every aspect of our community, “said Chris McGowan with the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce. “If the community is strong, the community’s economy is strong and that’s really the focus of today.”

A $1.7 billion expansion at CF Industries, along with those at Sabre, Tyson, and Gerkin Windows helped clinch the award.

This isn’t Sioux City’s first time at the top of the list, they’ve actually ranked in the top three in the past six years.