NEW ADDITIONS: Busiest Route Gets Upgrade

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Passengers on Iowa’s busiest route will see a new bus zip them around Ames after spring break.

Two articulated buses, sometimes referred to as bendy buses, made the journey from Plattsburgh, N.Y., to join the CyRide fleet.

The articulated buses are 62-feet long compared to a standard 40-foot bus and can carry up to 120 riders. The two additions will be used on the No. 23 Orange Route, which carries approximately 12,000 rides per day.

“These new buses will provide additional capacity while reducing CyRide’s cost to operate service,” said Transit Director Sheri Kyras. “Two articulated buses provide the same capacity as three standard CyRide buses, so driver and fuel costs are both reduced.”

They will help transport the increasing amount of passengers that is expected to top 5.8-million this year.

“These buses allow us to continue to efficiently provide quality service to the Ames and Iowa State University communities,” Kyras added. “CyRide’s ridership has increased each year since 2006. Articulated buses are assisting the transit system address these challenges.”

The buses cost $687,413 each and were 83-percent funded by a competitive federal grant.