SCIENCE DAY: Girls Scrub Up To Challenge

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Young girls are proving science isn't just for boys anymore.

Last year’s Girls in Science day at Des Moines University attracted 20 students. This year 200 girls attended the event.

The little hands and faces are the next generation of doctors and is something that runs in 11 year old Ester Ubadigt’s blood, “My mom’s a nurse so I want to be a doctor.”

To her, science is fascinating, "I wanna look at the brains now… It’s squishy...feel this it feels like medium rare chicken.”

According to organizer Ashley Simpson – Nedved, this time is crucial to get them interested in science.

“The goal of the event today is to bring girls on campus and try to get them interested in science because research shows between the ages of 9-12 they generally fall off science and think it’s more for boys.”

At the Girls in Science event at DMU minature MDs scrubbed in for surgery and got to work.

They learned it all and then some, “It was kinda depressing because you know that people had to die to have to donate that stuff but you also know that it helps with research to find out about the human body.”

That knowledge will help young girls like Esther achieve her dreams as a doctor, “Like helping people because it’s kinda a good feeling.”

This is the eighth year the university has put on the event and organizers hope to have even more participants next year.