SEQUESTER WOES: “We Shouldn’t Be Paid”

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Sequester talk made its way into a Story County Democratic fundraiser Saturday night, featuring Congressman Dave Loebsack.

Story County Democrats gathered to enjoy some food and fellowship at their annual soup supper.

Although the event was aimed to raise money for the party, the sequester was a hot topic.

“It`s just one of a series of battles over spending and tax policy that are likely to occur, and given our dysfunctional political culture it`s not clear that there is a resolution in any of this,” says Steve Ringlee of Ames.

Congressman Loebsack was a featured speaker at the event.

He said in 2011 he voted against the budget control act which included the potential for a sequester.

Saying it's up to the leaders of congress to figure this out, but he's also trying to take action.

“I`m doing everything I can I’m talking to leadership in the Democratic Party, I’m sending letters urging leaders from both parties to get together because that`s what the American people want and that`s what the people of Iowa are telling me what I should be doing, urging them to do the right thing,” says Congressman Loebsack.

Congressman Loeback says he's worried about the hundreds of jobs that could be furloughed across the state, saying with no budget, there should be no paychecks for members of congress.

“In 2011 in December I signed onto legislation that says if there is not budget I should not get paid, that was finally passed it should have been passed two months ago, it should have been passed a long time ago, if we can`t come up with a budget, we shouldn`t be paid,” says Congressman Loebsack.

The USDA will be forced to make cuts including furloughs.

Employee, Paul Osterhold says although he's not worried about furloughs yet, he has made plans should they become a reality.

“I`ve made certain that my finances can withstand a furlough, given the level of furlough that they`re talking about,” says Paul Osterhold of Ames.

Congressman Loebsack says he believes it will take the American people standing up against the sequester to see any progress.

Congressman Loebsack says he is urging Iowans to write and call their representatives to share how the sequester is affecting them personally.