FORT DODGE: Former Store Now A Fitness Center

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People trying to get in shape in Ft. Dodge have a new option, which is a familiar old landmark. It's called the Fort Dodge Community Recreation Center.

It is housed inside the former downtown Fareway grocery store. The non-profit center is designed to provide a variety of workouts for all ages of the community. The center also helps train runners for some new specialty races such as Gladiator Challenge and Warrior Dash which require other physical feats beyond running.

 Rob Winters of Ft Dodge plans to train here. "I'm doing the challenge race with him..and like he said we need to get in shape..and this is it,” said Winters.

Executive Director Dave Pearson said,"'s a great community effort, we're getting a lot of businesses involved and the whole community's really rallied around it.” Iowa Central Community College and Trinity Healthy Living are partners in the non-profit venture.The center is a membership driven organization you can find them on the web at

 "If you can walk around your office area, you can get in the beginner level one. and still have fun with this,” said Pearson.