MURPHY’S LAW: Hawks Valley, Bachman Baseball, Postman Path

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Brian Ferentz tweets that Iowa will practice football at Valley Stadium April 20th. This is smart. Hawkeyes are in no danger of losing their status as most popular team in Iowa, but the Cyclones have created buzz and new fans in Central Iowa. Iowa’s practice in West Des Moines will create a stir. Can’t hurt recruiting either…

Hilton Coliseum’s powder keg status continues. Technical fouls were flying fast and furious for the Oklahoma State and Iowa State women’s game. A fan was even ejected. Bill Fennelly celebrated ISU’s emotional comeback win with a fist pump that Tiger Wood’s never approached. Actually Fennelly’s motion was more like a Stephen Strasburg follow through…

John Bachman continues his Murphy’s Law blog reporting from spring training. Here’s a picture of the Red Sox Green Monster in Florida:

photo (11)

And here’s a photo of Des Moines’ Jeremy Hellickson in the Rays’ bullpen.

photo (8)

John’s summary on Hellickson’s outing:

3 innings, 2 hits, 1 run, 4 strikeouts, no walks, 1 hit batter

Looked strong, fastball and off speed effective, hits were blooper variety, control very good ( perhaps biggest concern going into this season )

John Bachman reporting under clear blue skies

This Bachman kid could have a future.

One of our neighbors, whom I’ll call Bryce, bragged about the compliment he received from the postman for shoveling the sidewalk. This made my wife, Jenny, take it up a notch. Forget the sidewalk. Try path to the mail truck right through our yard:

snow walk

I doubt Bryce made the postman this happy:


Game. Set. Match.

The NRA will sponsor a NASCAR race. I want to see at least one car run wide open with a gun rack…

Who knew John Sears had moves like Jagger?