SUPER SEARCH: Second DMPS Candiate Interviewed

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The interview process is well underway for the final three candidates vying to be the next superintendent of Des Moines Public Schools.

Tuesday the second candidate, Carey Wright, underwent the final interview, which entailed a public meeting at the downtown library and a second private interview with the school board.

Wright is the current Chief Financial Officer of the Washington D.C. public school system. Before that she worked as a teacher, administrator and principal.

She says wants to make Des Moines an example for the rest of the state by raising the standards for all students. “I think my concerns are those that everybody else has, we’ve got an achievement gap that we have to address, but in doing that… we’ve also got to figure out a way for those high preforming students to continue to do so while they are working with low performing students,” Wright said. “A school system, I really believe, is at its best when all students are preforming and that is my heart and my focus.”

Monday the current interim superintendent Tom Arhart interviewed to stay in the role.

The interview process will wrap up Wednesday with the final candidate, James Browder. He is the current superintendent for Anchorage, Alaska schools. Browder will take part in an open interview at the Downtown Library at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday.