TECHEL TRIAL: Mom Paints Picture Of Happy Family

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After two weeks of prosecutors presenting their case, Tuesday was finally time for Seth Techel's defense.

He is charged with killing his pregnant wife, Lisa, and their unborn child in May of last year.

The defense called more than half a dozen witnesses painting the Techel’s as a happy couple and a close knit family.  The jury also heard testimony that Seth wanted to help with the investigation.

Lorraine Uehling-Techel took the stand at her son`s murder trial to explain how much Lisa meant to their family.

“I considered Lisa was close as a daughter.” She said, “we were like one big family.  We all got along very well”

Techel`s parents recalled getting the call about Lisa’s death.

“I was asked if I would come out to console Seth,” Doug Techel said.

Later that same day, the Techel’s drove their son to the police station to talk to the DCI, even though they were hesitant.

“Seth insisted.  He said I`m going to go talk to them.  He said I`ve got nothing to hide,” Lorraine told the jury.

During his testimony, Doug Techel couldn`t hide his emotions when he talked about going into the crime scene where the 23-year-old soon-to-be mother was shot.

While the Techel’s testified about what happened after the shooting, a friend of Seth`s took the stand to describe how the couple appeared the day before, and says nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

“To me it just seemed like every other time I`d been around them.  Really happy and didn`t seem to be any issues at all,” Nathan Bissell said.

Wednesday, the defense will call the lead investigator from the DCI to the stand.  Attorneys say they will try to poke holes in what the DCI did and didn't do at the crime scene.  As always, the big question is will Techel's attorneys put him on the stand.