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One of our workout of the week trainers works to get kids moving before the school bell rings.

Personal Trainer Angie Gallagher started Fit Friday’s at Fair Meadow Elementary School to show kids that fitness can be fun.

“They all love it, my little sister is in second grade and she is so excited...she`s like `yay!...it`s Fit Friday!” 6th Grader Tanner Dunn explained.

Gallagher says Fit Friday's are basically a Zumba class, but the real goal is to show the kids that working out doesn’t have to be work.

“This is not required. It`s an option, but they love it, so they come, and they`re smiling and they`re happy,” Angie said.

It`s hard not to have a good time when the music moves you.

“Yeah, I`m not so crazy about dancing, but I`ll do it,” 6th Grader Garrett Davis said.

Softball player Libby Tharp explained, “It`s like in softball you`re only moving certain parts of your body, but in Zumba you`re moving all of your body, so it`s a little tougher.”

“When you start it at this age, then when you`re an adult you`ve created those habits and you`ve got a healthy lifestyle,” Angie added.

If you'd like to learn more about the program contact Angie.