TECHEL TRIAL: What About The Neighbor?

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Seth Techel's defense team is working to convince the jury he is not guilty of killing his pregnant wife, last May in Agency.

In two separate interviews with investigators, Seth Techel says he didn’t kill his wife.  But if he didn’t, who did?  The defense offered another suspect on Wednesday; the Techel’s longtime neighbor Brian Tate.

Druecilla and Jack Chickering took the stand to discuss their neighbors, both the Techel’s and the Tate’s. They said Tate was odd, but they never had any problems with him.

“I thought he was weird.  I`m sorry, but that was my impression of him.  I just thought he was weird, very odd acting,” Druecilla told the jury.

After the murder of Lisa Caldwell Techel, Jack reported a phone conversation with Tate to police.

“his words were… if the sheriff`s department had done their job, none of this would have happened,” Jack said. He doesn`t know what Tate meant by the comment, but the defense questioned his mental health.

Tate was a paranoid schizophrenic, who has since died.  Authorities interviewed him following the murder and they played parts of the interview in court.

“I`ve been taking my medication daily and there`s no problem with imbalance in my medication,” he told investigators.

DCI agents say Tate had an alibi, he was sleeping at the time of the murder and it checked out.

“That`s what he said, yes and it was confirmed by his mother and brother who also lived at the residence,” Special Agent Tony Birmingham said.

From the very beginning, Techel claimed an armed intruder murdered his wife, however investigators believe they have the right man.

Thursday, the defense will present evidence outside the presence of the jury.  The judge has ruled the testimony inadmissible, but attorneys still want to be part of the record.  The jury will return Friday for more testimony by the defense.