TOURNEY TRIP: Visiting Fans Enjoy Des Moines

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For Wells Fargo Arena, it’s March, just another one to be filled by a whole new sea of faces.

But for those on their way in, it’s 2013 - a year that’ll go up on a banner back home - they can’t wait.

“I’m from Dubuque," says Missy Meyer, "It’s a smaller town, so coming here, it’s humongous, so it’s a good experience.”

“Any time you get a team to the state basketball  tournament, it’s sort of the pinnacle of the season,” says Dubuque resident, Tim Lary.

“There were five fan buses!" says Trevon Phillips, a senior at Dubuque High School, "and there are a lot of people that came down in their own cars.”

Des Moines is an exciting place, especially for those who only see it when life is good.

They’re here to play and to work.  Assignments don’t get much better for KDTH radio’s, Tim Lary.

“Our station is the only one in Dubuque that broadcasts ballgames," Lary says, "so the listeners really depend on us to bring the games home to them.”

He’s here for the duration of Dubuque Senior’s run. He likes to finish up at the Well, and then head out for a real taste of Des Moines. “Once in a while McDonald’s, mostly Subway, though.”

“Do they have a Steak ‘n Shake, here?” Meyer asks.

They’ll find some place to eat and to shop.

And then they’ll be back to do it all again on Friday and maybe Saturday and that’s the beauty.  You never know when the trip will end, or when you’ll get a chance to do it again.