ANIMAL ABUSE: Two Additional Arrests


Eastern Iowa police say they’ve arrested two more people in an animal abuse case.

Jesup police arrested 22-year-old AJ Sellers and 18-year-old Kelsey Block on animal torture charges Wednesday.

Last week, police arrested Ty Hickman and charged him with torturing the same animal.

These arrests are connected to a dog that was found starved to death and locked in a kennel. The dog was found covered in his own waste, and left in a Waterloo ditch a few weeks ago.

Police believe Sellers, Block, and Hickman are all involved in the crime.

Both police and animal control workers say community support has been instrumental in the arrests.

“It actually means a lot to me, but also actually means a lot to the public. ‘Ya know, if it wasn’t for the public this case probably would have went unsolved.  All too often we have cruelty cases where nobody steps forward to do the right thing to report those type of acts,” says animal control officer Maria Tiller.

Sellers is also charged with harassment of a public official for providing false information to a police officer during the course of the investigation.

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