BOARD DECISION: Ahart Named Superintendent

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The Des Moines school board has announced its pick to take over as superintendent of the district.

School board chair Dick Murphy revealed Friday afternoon that Tom Ahart has been offered the position.

"I could not be more honored to continue on in the role of superintendent, I want to thank the school board for taking their due time and doing a thorough search and doing what they think is right to continue on the path of success and I certainty agree with the decision and couldn`t be more thrilled," said Ahart at the announcement.

The board met Friday to make the decision between the three finalists. At next Tuesday's school board meeting, the board will vote to approve Ahart's contract and he'll officially become superintendent. His salary will be $260,000.

Ahart is the current interim superintendent of Des Moines schools. The other two finalists were the chief academic officer for Washington, D.C. publicĀ  schools Carey Wright and the current superintendent of the Anchorage, Alaska school district James Browder.

Ahart says Des Moines is where he wants to be and is looking forward to growing the district.

"We`re going to be the model urban school district in the country that`s our mission, we`re well on our way and we have a long road ahead of us, but we`re going to keep our eyes on the prize and keep it going," says Ahart.

Previous superintendent Nancy Sebring resigned last May. Sebring had already planned to leave the district for a different job when she resigned early after the media discovered sexually charged e-mails sent from her public account.