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GUN DARE: Student Brings Gun To School

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A 16-year-old sophomore at Lincoln High School was arrested Friday after officials say he brought a gun to school.

Administrators were tipped off by another student who reported that the 16-year old had the gun and several rounds of ammunition in his backpack.

School officials approached the teen, but only after he had gone into a class and set his back pack down.   "Because it was right in the middle of the passing period we felt like it was important to have eyes on that student." said Principal Paul Williamson, "We were able to be just behind the student at the time."

Williamson says the teen is an excellent student and has had no disciplinary problems.  Police say the teen claims he did not plan to hurt or threaten anyone, he just brought the gun to school because he was dared to.

The student was charged with possessing a weapon on school grounds and will likely be expelled.  It is the policy of Channel 13 News not to report the names of minors who have been arrested.