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VOTER PURGE: Motion To Strike Down Fails

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A controversial voting rule will likely become the law in Iowa.

The Administrative Rules Review Committee held a meeting Friday to consider the rule which would give poll workers the power to remove people from voter registration lists without proving those people are not citizens.

Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz proposed the rule.

A motion to strike down the voter purge rule failed, the committee vote resulted in a tie.

“This is a sad to me... Basically the secretary of state is purging voter files and this is a form of voter suppression.” Joe Enriquez Henry with the League of United Latin American Citizens said.

LULAC is against the rule. They argue that Secretary Schultz is making it too hard for new citizens to vote and they fear fewer minorities will show up to the polls.

“We feel that the intent of this rule is to create a chilling effect within our community, within our minority community to not encourage people to vote. So that’s what we see happening. So the argument that they're making officially is that this is supposed to ensure fair elections, we totally disagree with that,” Henry said.

The rule will require election officials to look at a person’s driver’s license number to determine their voter eligibility.

Secretary Schultz insists that all citizens will be able to vote and their votes will be counted.

The new rule will likely take effect on March 27.