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MURPHY’S LAW: The Jack Sears, Arch Madness, ‘What’s that you say?’

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By: Michael Admire

He’s finally here! Congrats to John and Maria Sears for welcoming a beautiful new baby boy to their family, a 9 pound 13 oz baby boy at that. John said Jack is already a better dancer than his dad. I don’t doubt it.

Jack Sears









Update on Keith: He’s doing better. His back locked up on him, and he couldn’t move without excruciating pain. A few painkillers plus a day or two of rest and Murph will be up and running like new. For now, he’s confined to his bed. Which I can only imagine how crazy that is driving Keith.

So, with Murph and Sears out of the office I held down the sports office, assisted by a lot of hard working co-workers. Even with Keith bed ridden and Andy Fales enjoying his day off they took time to send me texts with feedback and encouragement. It’s very cool knowing how many people have your back and care about the news/sports we deliver each day and night.

Drake and Northern Iowa exited stage left at the MVC Tournament. What makes it worse? Two Central Iowa basketball players played a role in the beat downs. Ames native, Doug McDermott scored 23 on the Bulldogs, and former Marshalltown CC Tiger, Tyler Brown, hit 6 three’s and scored 28 points against the Panthers.

Let “Bubble Watch 2013” commence. Iowa State, most likely in, Iowa, most likely out. But then again it’s March and anything goes.

Not sure how many more HS Basketball chants I can take. In particular the one where cheerleaders say something to the crowd, which apparently they can’t hear, because the student section replies with, “What’s that you say?” followed by a series of claps, in which no one is ever in sync. Do better.

Learning and exploring Des Moines as much as possible. I’ve been to West DSM for some Coach’s Pizza, been over by Drake to get Jethro’s, and stopped in by Zombie Burger in the East Village. All top notch. Tweet at me for other stops I have to make (@Admire_OnAir). Living downtown is great. Except, I really need my furniture to get in. My bachelor pad is pretty empty. Plus, the blow-up mattress just isn’t cutting it anymore.