ICY ROLLOVER: Family Lucky To Be Alive

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Clive police say a family is lucky to walk away from an Sunday accident.

Police say it happened around 5 p.m. along Interstate-80 westbound near exit 72.

They say a woman was driving on cruise control when she started to hydroplane sending her vehicle into the ditch where it flipped several times.car rollover

Fortunately, the woman and her three kids were able to walk away with no major injuries.

Clive police say this accident is a good reminder that during any type of winter weather and rain you should always avoid cruise control.

Truckers have the most experience out on the roads, but even some have to pull over when the weather becomes dangerous.

Russ Powell was headed through Des Moines up towards the Twin Cities, “If I don`t feel safe I shut down.”

He said the roads were just wet, but he is watching the weather as he makes his way up north.

Several tractor trailers were pulled over at the Love’s Truck Stop in Urbandale, fueling up and talking to others about the road conditions.

Some, including trucker Ted Fredrick, say it’s not so much the weather as the other vehicles on the road that concerns them.

“If you can stay away from congestion and stuff you can do alright but I’ve always had a rule; if I can`t maintain the minimum speed limit of 45 mph I won`t drive it,”

Fredrick said he was on his way down to Phoenix, which he said is a perk of being a trucker, sometimes you get to drive out of a storm to warmer weather.