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SHOTS FIRED: Ames Police Charge Four

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Ames police charged three juveniles and one man in connection with a shooting that occurred in a parking lot full of people overnight.

Around 11:30 Saturday night, officers were called to the 3300 block of Lincoln Way.

Police say they saw several people fighting in the parking lot of Zeke’s night club and other people running from the area.

Witnesses say they saw someone frantically looking for a gun, and then heard the gun go off.

“Well I came outside and I saw that they shut down Zeke’s and then I saw this guy with a flashlight go ‘where’s the gun? Where’s the gun?’ that’s what they were screaming, and then someone was trying to get into this car over here and then all of the sudden I see a pop and a flash,” recounts witness Frank Schneider.

Ames police have not said if anyone was injured.

The police later referred two people to Juvenile Court for carrying a concealed weapon, reckless use of a firearm and disorderly conduct.

A third juvenile was referred to Juvenile Court for assault on a Peace Officer, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and public urination. 27-year-old Desmond Turner was charged with interference with official acts.

The incident remains under investigation.