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STORM ROUNDUP: Crashes And Closures

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The snow caused some major problems on the roads Sunday.

Numerous crashes shut down parts of I-80 near Avoca and I-29 near Little Sioux.

Sunday evening saw I-35 to be the unofficial dividing line. West of there is the worst with an icy-snowy mix on the roads overnight.

Travel is not advised on I-35 north of Ames but the snow is the heaviest to the northwest. Roads east of I-35 are mostly just wet.

“We`ve seen a lot of cars in the ditch and cops going and pulling them out with patrol trucks, it`s a mess out there,” said Sandi Bjorgam.

The Iowa State Patrol was called to a three car accident along I-35 just north of Ames near exit 116.

Authorities say no one was seriously injured and troopers were able to get all the occupants and give them a ride home.

In the metro, a crash in Clive looked a lot worse than it turned out to be.

Police say they were called to a rollover along I-80 westbound near exit 72 around five Sunday evening.

They say a woman was driving with her family on cruise control when she started to hydroplane on the road, she lost control and her vehicle went into the ditch where it flipped several times.

Emergency crews helped the family to safety, and no one was seriously hurt.

Drivers out on the road say they're not taking any chances and will be taking it slow out on the roads, “The last part was tense, the first part not too bad I guess,” said Jerry Selby. “Normally it would be a little less than an hour left to get to Indianola, but it might take a little longer than that.”

With the temperature dropping by daybreak, slush on the ground will freeze making for a slick commute.

Allow extra time to get to work and take it slow out there.