BREAK TIME: Semis Exit Snowy Roads

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Snow-covered roads on I-80 west of the Des Moines metro Sunday night into Monday morning caused some very difficult travel conditions, and that had people pulling off the interstate.

Stuart became a parking lot for semis. All three of the towns hotels were sold out. The clerk at the Super 8 said its rooms were full by 8:30 p.m. Sunday.

Semi trucks filled all the gas stations and tried to find any other open spot to park, including the town's grocery store.

Andrea McKibbin, a clerk at the Casey's, said on a typical night there would be one row of trucks at the back of the parking lot but last night they were everywhere.

"Now the whole parking lot from any corner open you can find trucks parked because of the roads. They ran out of room to park so we have to put them at the pumps now, because there's nowhere to park. So they're just hanging out at the pumps until they can get moving,” says McKibbin.

Many trucks spent the night at rest areas too. The whole parking lot at the westbound rest area near Waukee was filled and some trucks were parking on the car side as well as on the ramp back onto the interstate.