BUS CRASH: School Bus Hits House, No Injuries

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A West Des Moines school bus slid off the road Monday morning in a residential neighborhood, skidding into a house.

The accident happened about 7:41 a.m. in the 500 block of South 53rd  street.

“It sounded like a snow plow coming down the street as normal then a few seconds later it sounded like lighting hit the front of our house and the whole house shook,” says Brian Ancell the owner of the home.

A school bus carrying 11 students failed to make a turn and slid right into the Ancell's home knocking down a mail box, a tree and hitting a parked car.

No one was hurt in the accident but the West Des Moines Police Department say the roads are to blame.

Lieutenant Jim Barrett of the West Des Moines Police Department says, “The roadways are pretty slick at this time the accident is still under investigation but it`s a good bet the conditions played a part in the incident”

Neighbors assume that speed was a factor.  Some of them told Channel 13 off-camera that buses often drive too fast down this street.  West Des Moines Schools say an accident like this is rare.

“We have not any accidents at least within the past 5 years if not longer where students have been injured. We do have some fender benders once in a while and nothing major with students injured,” says Elaine Watkins – Miller.

The driver of the bus that crashed is 42 - year old Anthony Banks. The accident is still under investigation and charges are pending against Banks.