BIG MESS: Snow Melt And Heavy Rain Bring Flooding

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Snow melt and heavy rain has created a big mess for people in the Cedar Falls area.

Ice jams along the Cedar River have caused the river to spill out of its banks and into nearby homes.  City officials are trying to help the problem by opening the only flood gate that isn’t frozen shut.

It’s not just residents nearby the river seeing flooding. Experts say overloaded drains and sump pumps have been a problem for a lot of folks in the area.

“I was away for the weekend and came home after church Sunday and had three to four inches of water in my basement,” resident Jamie McNamara said.

One company alone says they received more than 130 calls of flooded basements the last several days.

“Check the float on your sump pump.  Make sure it’s working and not corroded and just stuck in one position.  That’s one of the biggest things that happens to them.  Just make sure it’s running.  Put some water in the pit, and pump that out to make sure it’s working properly every month or two, especially this time of year,” Chad Reichert with ServiceMaster 380 explained.

Experts also encourage you to check out your insurance policy now to find out if it covers any water back-up.