ERIN OFF CAMERA: Death And A Decision

Erin Off Camera

While I was on vacation last week I received sad, sad news.

My best friend lost her best friend.

OLIVEROliver was one of the coolest cats I ever met.  My friend Beth is devastated by his death.  Losing a pet is so hard.  I have vivid memories of our family dog dying.  The most vivid is my dad’s reaction because it was the first time I saw him cry.  My folks got Marka shortly after they were married – she was so little that my dad brought her home tucked into his coat.  I didn’t come along for another seven years so this animal was like a child for my parents.

I feel the same way about this crazy old cat.

MarlsMarley is standoffish and skittish (even for a cat) and she’s the main reason Michael and I were dragging our feet when it came to getting that adorable puppy I told you about a few weeks ago.  In fact, we never got around to meeting her and now some other family has adopted her.  It makes me sad, but it’s probably for the best.

As hard as it is to lose a furry friend, I can’t imagine going through life without having pets.  If you’re thinking about getting one I hope you’ll consider this organization.

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