MORNING BUZZ:In the Line,Catching up and DUDE!

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Good Morning…

A little catching up to do from the weekend mixed with a little news…

In the Line

Two incidents involving Police officers remind us of the risks they potentially face every day.  Marshalltown Officer Vern Jefferson was awarded a Medal of Valor for his actions in stopping two bank suspects.  Urbandale officer Zack McDowell pulled a teenager out of a burning car.  Neither man thought his actions warranted any notice.  My guess is you don’t last very long as a Police officer if you join in search of daily heroics.  The job is probably more mundane and not glamorous at all.  The men and women worth celebrating are those who act with quiet professionalism in their every-day mundane duties and then step up when called on a crisis.


So the Princes of the Church are locked up to choose a new Pope.   Read the NBC news article about the 20 Cardinals who could be Pope.  Some of them actually sound like they would come in and shake up the church to modernize and draw in more followers.  I doubt any of those will be elected.

Running it Up

Is there any doubt Baylor is going to get POUNDED in the next few years?  Brittany Griner will be gone one day and when she is…the Bears women’s Basketball team is going to get WORKED.  They deserve it.  There is no reason to embarrass a fellow conference team…especially one Coached by a guy who acts with the amount of class Bill Fennely does.  As my good friend Ron Burgundy says: “That’s just Bush….”


I was scrolling Facebook this morning and found an article written by a Fraternity brother of mine on the Movie “The Big Lebowski.  Mike admits in the article that he hadn’t seen the movie until this week.

I’ve never seen it.  I like a good cult film as much as the next guy but this one… I just haven’t gotten around to seeing.  Read the article…it’s funny.  The guy Mike is talking about was also my college roommate.  He passed away a few years ago but hearing the story of Jorge trying to talk his way into getting “The Dude” on his caller ID made me smile remembering my friend.

Catching up

A few things from the weekend:

-We went to Flying Mango for dinner Friday night to celebrate my Dad and my Brother Matt’s Birthday.  Those of you who know Matt please wish him a Happy Birthday Thursday and please remind him he’s 40!  I digress.

We forget about the Flying Mango but every time we go back it’s just as good as I remember it.  I had the Brisket.  Yum…and the wine list was full of reasonably priced wines that were really good.

-Saturday night we went out to dinner at Exile Brewery.  Wow, was I impressed.  Not only was it a great atmosphere the beer was great and my food was excellent.  I could have picked one of about five or six options off the menu but our waiter Rodney (there’s your shout-out brother) suggested the braised pork shank.  I’m glad he did.  Sally had the Lamb Burgers appetizer and it was excellent!

-I wish I could give a similar review to Jekyll and Hyde.  I went in with fond memories of the last time I saw this show here in Des Moines.  I remember the music as good but not great and the story predictable but bearable.

I’ve now erased that memory and replaced it with this latest show.  I read Michael Morain’s review in the Register AFTER we went to see it and I think he was spot on.  Overdone is the word that kept coming to mind.  Also I think Constantine had a bad start to the night with a little audio equipment malfunction and never recovered.  His pitch was flat.

The female lead was the highlight of the show for me.  It was a stunning contrast.  Deborah Cox was wonderful.  No matter, I still love going out to see a show and the season tickets Sally got for her birthday were a gift that kept on giving.  I am going to miss the final show… Million Dollar Quartet next week because I am going to be in Vegas.

I hope you all have a great Tuesday!