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EASTER BASKETS: Community Sends Surprise To Troops

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The Easter Bunny is in route to Afghanistan this week thanks to an eastern Iowa mother.

Lisa Shook’s son is currently serving in Afghanistan. She reached out to others in her hometown of Dunkerton for donations to send Girl Scout cookies to her son’s unit.

She got a lot more than that. Tuesday night an army of volunteers gathered to build Easter baskets for each of the 170 troops in her son’s unit.

“It started when I asked for white sandwich bags, just white small bags. It ended up we got big green bags, and they’re going to be full. We’ve had 4H, Girl Scouts helping, the school kids did letters, and the churches donated and did letters. We’ve just had all kinds of donations and stuff coming in,” Shook said.

The baskets shipped out Wednesday and should arrive in in time for Easter.