AGRIBUSINESS: Waterway Rebuilding May Be Part Of Senate Budget Plan

Senate Budget Committee Chair Patty Murray of Washington has released a budget proposal that provides for deficit neutral reserve funds to replace the sequester, write a new farm bill and make investments in water infrastructure. Murray did not mention farm or nutrition programs in her opening statement at a committee meeting Wednesday.

Instead she emphasized that the proposal would replace sequestration with deficit reduction and include a $100 billion economic recovery protection plan to put workers back on the job repairing our nation’s priority deteriorating infrastructure - among other things. The bill calls for $975 billion in spending cuts over 10 years and $975 billion in increased government revenues.

While the Senate is expected to approve the budget - it is very different from the budget proposed by House Budget Chair Paul Ryan - making it unlikely Congress will pass a joint budget resolution. Murray expressed hope that the House and Senate could work together toward the responsible and bipartisan budget deal the American people expect and deserve.

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