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CRUISE CANCELLED: Carnival Troubles Ruin Vacation

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Carnival Cruise Lines can't catch a break. Three of their ships have had serious malfunctions in the last month and now a Des Moines family is caught in the middle of it.

To the Freeman family, setting sail on a cruise ship is a tradition.

“I like the experience and the different places you get to experience,” Kaylie Freeman said.

The Freemans have cruised with Carnival eight times and it's been their cruise line of choice until now. Just two days before departure Carnival sent out an email canceling their weeklong trip to Belize and offering no reason as to why.

They already had their bags packed. "It just kind of puts a damper on things due to the fact that we were all ready to go, everything bought for it, took time off of work," Lisa Freeman said.

Forced to take a new route, the Freemans headed to the Travel Center Ltd. to plan a new trip, but that wasn't going to be easy.

“We have people book 361 days in advance of spring break,” travel agent Dixie Juvie explained.

The family eventually worked out a 4 day trip to the Bahamas with the cruise line. They only received a $1700 travel voucher and a free room.

Carnival issued a statement saying, "Please note that all of these situations were different. All modes of transportation, including cruise ships have strong overall safety records, but sometimes technical issues will occur. We take each on seriously and closely examine what happened to determine how we can prevent it from happening in the future."

Last month Carnival Triumph left thousands of passengers stranded in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Carnival Dream is currently stuck in the Caribbean. Passengers had to be flown home this week.

The recent rash of troublesome Carnival cruise liners has left the family wondering if they will ever cruise with Carnival again.