MURPHY’S LAW: Hawks do it again, Cyclone’d under, Baby talk

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By: John Sears

If you wanted to see the Iowa Hawkeye basketball season in a nutshell, all you had to do was watch the final 10 mins against Michigan State.  Hawks play awesome first half, build a 13 point lead in the 2nd, but can’t close the door.  It comes down to a final shot and Devyn Marble can’t hit it.  Questionable calls?  Sure.  No excuses.  The game was there for the taking.  An NCAA tournament bid was there for the taking, not enough.

Iowa looks like they’re headed to the NIT.  Not what fans wanted, nor the players.  This team IS good enough for the big dance, just not enough ‘Big’ wins on the resume.  They did take another step forward this season.  Next year an NCAA bid will be expected.

Iowa State fought hard against Kansas but a terrible start to the 2nd half does the Clones in.  It’s the rematch everyone wanted, but this time KU wins fair and square.  ISU has to play defense when the ‘O’ isn’t working, they didn’t against the Jayhawks.

The technical on Ben McLemore was a weak call, give him a warning, not a T.  Bill Self on the other hand earned his tech, and it lit a fire in his team.

I’m not sure what happened to Korie Lucious.  He was playing great towards the end of the season, then had 2 of the worst games a PG can have in the Big 12 tourney.  ISU needs Lucious in the big dance.

Despite losing Iowa State will be a VERY dangerous team next week.  I’m guessing a 10-11 seed.  If you’re a 6 or 7 seed do you want to see Iowa State next to your name?  Heck no.  Cyclones are capable of beating anyone and will be a very tough out.

I won’t be surprised to see ISU make a run to the sweet 16.  I also won’t be surprised if they bow out in round 1.

My wife gave birth to our son Jack 1 week ago.  Another surreal moment in my life.  You can’t describe the ‘process of labor’ to anyone that hasn’t been through it.  It’s incredible.  I have no idea how it’s even physically possible.  All the props and love in the world to my wife Maria.  She was a champ throughout the entire process and did an unbelievable job.

Jack Dennis Sears.  9 lbs, 13 oz.  Welcome Big boy.  Proud father. jack Less sleep ahead, but well worth it.