STAY-CATION: Outdoor Family Activities For Spring

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If you decided to stick around central Iowa for spring break, you don’t need to spend your week cooped up at home.

Des Moines Parks and Recreation says there are some opportunities for families to spend time together outdoors while giving back to the community.

Greenwood Park is being invaded by a nasty plant called garlic mustard. Residents can bring a garbage bag and pull out as much of the plant as possible then leave it on the curb by the park and a crew will come by and pick it up.

Walnut Creek could also use some T.L.C. Parks and Recreation officials say it’s important to pick up the trash around the creek because it feeds the Raccoon River where Des Moines gets some of its water supply. Crews will pick up bagged trash if it’s left on the Bill Riley Trail near the creek.

If cleaning isn’t your thing, Parks and Recreation has another option for outdoor entertainment. Visit your neighborhood park and build a fairy house out of natural materials. Gather things like twigs, leaves, and acorn caps and create a welcoming little sanctuary for the spring fairies to visit.