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COURTROOM BRAWL: Murder Sentencing

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A Waterloo man will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Kevin Ambrose was sentenced Monday in Black Hawk County court for the murder of Kay Straw and attempted murders of Marlene Buss and Undray Reed.

Marlene Buss, her brother and sister all spoke in court about the pain they've suffered since the shooting last May.

But just as Buss' sister, Tammy Barnes, began giving her victim impact statement -- a huge fight erupted.

Barnes and Kevin Ambrose argued and that sparked an all-out courtroom brawl.

Several sheriff’s deputies broke up the fighting, and at least one arrest was made.

Kevin Ambrose was pushed to the floor by officers and led out of the courtroom.

After things settled down, the victim impact statements continued -- shedding light on how the shootings have hurt so many people.

"It hurts to know that somebody just didn't care and wanted to try and get away and kill my mom.  But I'm not a victim, I'm a survivor.  Because laying up on the hospital bed I thought I was gonna die.  Yet here I am, almost a year later, walking,” said Buss.

Kevin Ambrose also talked during his sentencing. He expressed condolences to Randy Barnes, Kay Straw's son, but said he didn't care about anyone else.

The judge sentenced Ambrose to a mandatory life in prison term for Straw's murder. On top of that, he'll serve two consecutive 25 year terms for the attempted murders of Marlene Buss and Undray Reed.

Ambrose has said he will appeal his conviction.