MARCH MADNESS: Brackets For Charity

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Printers and copy machines were buzzing Monday as millions of March Madness office pools got underway.

Workers at one metro company aren't concerned about which basketball teams win, but how much they can give back.

“We have a lot of bragging rights for the winner, but that’s about all we get out of it but it goes a long way,” said Becky Paterson with Farmers Mutual Hail.

"Whether you’re a basketball fan or you’re not I think everyone enjoys the excitement of March Madness and we can raise money for a great cause it makes it all the more better," Curtis Swain said.

Employees place bets on which team they think will take the championship title.

The money raised goes to the JDRF organization to help fight juvenile diabetes.

"To know that we're able to help out in the community in a fun way is nice," Paterson says it boosts workplace moral, even if you don’t know who to root for. "I have Gonzaga again, no rhyme or reason, but I have Gonzaga taking it all.”

Each year the company picks a new charity to receive the money raised.