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MORNING BUZZ: Snow, Seeds, and St Patrick’s Day

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Good Morning!

Snow is falling as I write this and Brett is telling us we should be in the 50’s.  Anyone remember Spring Break week last year?  I went to Vegas and it was colder there than it was here.  Travel will be tricky in Northern Iowa today so if you are headed north, please be careful.


Selection Sunday saw Iowa State get a 10 seed playing Notre Dame in the West bracket.  That’s about right and should be an entertaining game. Iowa came up a couple of games short of  getting an at-large bid.  Coach McCaffery has the program going in the right direction.

My Missouri Tigers play former Iowa State Coach Larry Eustachy’s Colorado St Rams.  MIZZOU is a nine seed to Colorado St’s 8.  Also should be an entertaining game.  Eustachy can coach…that’s for sure and I think this time of year that counts for something.  As it has been all year (cyclone fans can relate) I expect my team to make an unexpected deep run in the tournament or just get killed in the first round.  Not a lot of middle ground this year.

St Patrick’s Day

I was thinking a lot about my Uncle Pete this St Patrick’s Day.  Pete is a true Irishman and proud of it.  I may be corrected for being wrong about this but I believe his parents immigrated from Ireland.  His son Brian and I are the two youngest of 32 cousins on my Dad’s side.  It was an easy fit for Brian and I to be friends growing up.  Pete used to bring Brian to Chicago for a Cubs game in the Summer and I visited Denver to see them several times.  When Sally and I moved to Des Moines, Pete and Marion were annual visitors as they drove from their home in Denver to Chicago.  One spring Pete and Marion got a tour of the Science Center as it was under construction.  They were interested enough in the project and in Sally’s involvement that they took the time to come back for the Grand opening.  I know Sally was touched.  Pete had a twin sister as well…so when we had our boys I was particularly pleased to introduce them on one of their swing’s through town.

This may sound a little odd and I hope that people will understand my meaning when I say this: Pete is one of the Men I’ve had the good fortune to know,that have taught me how to simply… be a good man.  It sounds simple but it’s not.  Pete’s quiet wisdom, good humor, commitment to his family and his faith all added up to a person I’d want my boys to emulate.  I’m sorry they won’t get to.  My Uncle proud of being an Irishman, died St Patrick’s Day.

I hope you all have a safe and relaxing Spring Break if you have kids in school.  I hope the rest of you just have a good week!