FIERY RESCUE: Teenager Thanks His Heroes

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Just over a week ago, 18-year-old Ian Waseskuk was trapped in his car as it burned. But thanks to the self-less actions of two men, he is alive to talk about it.

“It was definitely a life changing experience. It was really scary. I don`t know how I got unconscious, but if I wasn't it probably would have been even scarier,” said Ian Waseskuk.

Waseskuk says because the crash into an air conditioning unit knocked him unconscious, he doesn't remember much about that night, after losing control of his car in a church parking lot.

But after watching the video of Urbandale police officer Zack McDowell and his intern, Iowa State senior Nick Schroeder pulling his unconscious body out of the burning car, Waseskuk has no question he owes the two men his life.

He and dozens of others watched the video again Tuesday night, when Officer McDowell and Schroeder were recognized and awarded for their heroic actions. However, the word "hero" is one both men are not quite used to.

“I don’t know if I’d really describe myself as a hero. Just someone that was there to help out and was there to assist Officer McDowell when he needed some help,” said Nick Schroeder, an Urbandale police intern and senior at ISU.

“Anyone else in my situation would have done the exact same thing. So it's different, but I am appreciative,” said Officer Zack McDowell

Waseskuk says he still finds it a little difficult to breathe, but is fully aware his injuries could have been much worse.