GUN BAN: Assault Weapon Ban Dropped

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U.S. Senate Democrats are expected to scrap a plan to outlaw assault weapons.  They say they just don’t have the votes to get the measure passed.

The legislation comes in response to the Sandy Hook massacre where a gunman used an assault rifle and handguns to kill 20-children and six adults back in December.  But federal lawmakers now say there is not enough support for the assault weapon ban.

State Representative and gun control advocate Ako Abdul-Samad of Des Moines says he's disappointed...but not surprised.  "I really believe that the wrong spin was put on it." Abdul-Samad says, "We should have been looking at a comprehensive approach to the weapons issue instead of just looking at the assault weapons and the clips."

The senate is expected to pass a bill that will increase penalties for those who buy guns for other people who are banned from having them.  Legislation for the so-called straw purchases is expected to have bipartisan support.