MORNING BUZZ: Installation, Detour and Dancing Part II

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Good Morning…A Jam packed show this morning.  It will be my last morning show for a while.  I am headed to Denver to pay my respects (see yesterday’s bog) and after a brief delay, on to Vegas for a scheduled trip and the first weekend of the NCAA tournament.  A shout out to United Airlines for working with me to reschedule flights and allow some flexibility given the situation.

The News


A lot of outlets were calling today’s mass an “inauguration”.  Not sure if that’s just leftover from American politics but  believe it’s called and Installation mass.  I listened to most of Pope Francis’ homily and I have to give him the benefit of the doubt for now.  He is saying and doing the right things…talking about the clergy being servants of the people and we all being of service to one another.  True power, the Pope said comes in the service of others.

The installation comes on the Feast of St Joseph and some analysts say we got a glimpse of what this Pope see as his own job description when he was talking about how Joseph handled God’s calling for him.

“How does Joseph exercise his role as protector? Discreetly, humbly and silently, but with an unfailing presence and utter fidelity, even when he finds it hard to understand,” the Pope said.

Again, I like the toe of his remarks.  We will see if the Church follows its new leader.


Less than a week now until the Gran Ave bridge at 63rd closes.  We’ve had a lot of warning but I expect the next week to be a mess.  Anytime a major artery into downtown is closed off, it just means more people on the interstate or University.  Patience please with your fellow drivers. As a former resident of the neighborhood, through which many people will pass, I ask that you be considerate and slow down.

Dancing Part 2:

Iowa State and Iowa women’s teams are both dancing.  It continues a strong tradition of women’s basketball here in Iowa.  Cyclone fans will be disappointed they won’t be able to see their women’s team start the post-season at Hilton.  They’ve been spoiled as the Cyclones have had so many first round games close-by in the last seven years.  Iowa women get the better luck with a home game but the tougher seeding.  An 8/9 game is always a toss-up.


The Iowa Speedway brought driver Ed Carpenter over for an interview and to promote the Iowa Corn Indy 250.  Like a lot of my colleagues I am always so impressed with how willing the drivers are to help promote their sport and how easygoing the are on camera.

Good tickets are still available for the June 23th race.

I hope you have a great week.  Andy will be back in this week helping out Brooke.  Enjoy.