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MURPHY’S LAW: Cyclone West, Come on Wrestling, TiVo

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By: John Sears

The Iowa State women get a 5 seed for the NCAA tournament.  The Cyclones will take on 12 seed Gonzaga.  Now just like that this matchup seems fine, but then you find out the game is IN Spokane, WA, and will be played at Gonzaga.  Tough draw for Bill Fennelly’s crew.  ISU earned the 5 seed, Gonzaga is better than a 12, and still gets to host.  That’s a long trip for Iowa State, the Bulldogs have 27 wins and won’t be a pushover, especially on their home floor.

This same scenario hit the Hawkeyes 2 years ago.  Iowa earned a 6 seed, travels West to Spokane to play Gonzaga, the 11 seed.  Hawkeyes lose, Bulldogs win 2 at home and advance to the Sweet 16.

I understand the reasoning behind host schools for womens basketball, totally understand. But it sucks for the better seed, ala Iowa State.  They earned the higher seed, they shouldn’t be punished, and have to travel half way across the country to play a 27 win team on their home floor.

Both teams like to get up and down and score, this  a good matchup Saturday afternoon.

Hawkeye women finally get to host, and what do the Hawkeyes get for a seed?  The 9 seed, ugh.  It would have been better off if Iowa received a 10 or 11 to avoid the 1 in the 2nd round.  There’s not a lot of parity in the womens game, so the chance of Iowa advancing past the 2nd round is slim to none.

wrestlingThe NCAA wrestling tournament starts on Thursday in Des Moines.  For those that aren’t aware ESPN is ‘restricting’ what we can and cannot shoot.  This is an incredibly stupid decision by the NCAA.  Wrestling is a dying sport.  I have nothing but the utmost respect for wrestlers but its a niche sport that was just eliminated by the Olympics.  Why in the world would the NCAA or the sport of wrestling want to limit what highlights can be shown?  Idiotic.  Wrestling should welcome any type of media coverage with open arms, not restrict it.

The Miami Heat have won 23 straight games.  I’m impressed, but not overly impressed like ESPN.  This is what can happen when you form a super team.  Lebron James is the best player in the NBA, surround him with 2 other superstars and solid role players and no one can touch the Heat, at least for 23 straight games.

I sampled 3 Peace Tree brews Monday night.  The favorite is the Blonde Fatale.  I recommend it.  I know Chris Hassel is missing his Peace Tree brews in Bristol.

I’ve got Indiana-Louisville in my NCAA bracket final.  Good pick?  I know, its 2 #1 seeds but I just couldn’t pick either of those teams getting beat.  I did pick some solid 11 and 12 seed upsets.  I’m sure I’ll finish towards the bottom of my bracket pool.

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn announced they’re dating……………………..TiVo