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SUPREME COURT: Richter-Roberts Review Denied

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The Iowa Supreme Court has denied an application for further review in the murder conviction of Tracey Richter-Roberts.

Richter-Roberts was convicted of first degree murder in 2011, for the shooting death of 20-year-old Dustin Wehde in 2001. At the time of the shooting, Richter-Roberts claimed she shot Wehde in self-defense after two intruders entered her home.

After new evidence came to light, prosecutors charged Richter-Roberts with murder in 2011 and she was found guilty.

The Iowa Court of Appeals upheld her murder conviction in a January ruling, disputing claims that her attorney failed to challenge the weight of evidence against her.

An application for further review in the case was made January 25th and the Iowa Supreme Court denied it March 4th.

Richter-Roberts is serving life in prison for the murder.