Heat Advisory

WEELY WORKOUT: Correct Cardio

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The cold and windy weather means most of us are staying inside to work up a sweat, and for many - machines at the gym are the first choice.  You probably don't realize that you could be making major mistakes... mistakes that can sabotage your efforts.

The following tips are from Personal Trainer Irene McCormick:

1.  Select a speed and incline that you can control.

2.  Do NOT hang on to the front of the treadmill or the side rails.

3.  Always use an incline on a treadmill - at least 0.5

4.  Don't pound your feet.  Think of using a light touch, using your muscles not your joints.

5.  Use your arms to help you, not hurt you!  Think of bringing your hands toward your ears and your hips and don't cross your body.

6.  Don't go backward on the elliptical trainer.  What's the point?!?  Fitness should be functional and we rarely (if ever) walk or run backward.

7.  Maintain good posture - no hunching over, ever!

8.  Keep a low center of gravity on the elliptical.  Bouncing is bad.

9.  Use the arm pulls on the elliptical... you'll increase your calorie burn!