REGENTS PICKS: Nominees Advance

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After three days of grilling, an Iowa Senate committee has agreed to advance Gov. Terry Branstad’s three Board of Regents nominees to a full senate vote.

Dr. Subhash Sahai from Webster City was the only one to receive the committee’s recommendation, Craig Lang and Robert Cramer advanced, but without a recommendation from the committee.

The latter both generated quite a bit of controversy during their hearings earlier in the week.

Construction company executive Robert Cramer was described by one senator as a lightning rod for controversy because of his vocal opposition to same-sex marriage.

Current board President Craig Lang came under fire for his treatment of University of Iowa President Sally Mason.

Wednesday the committee agreed to go forward with the nominations.

The only opposing vote came from Republican state senator Brad Zaun, who opposed all of the appointments.  He says the Board of Regents has become a pay-for-play body.

“I’ll tell you what. I’m just sick and tired of political contributors, wealthy people, being the people that the governor comes up with,” says Zaun.

The full Senate will have until April 15th to confirm the nominees. To be confirmed they will need the approval of two-thirds of the senate.