SIREN CHANGE: Story County Severe Weather


Wednesday marks the first day of spring which means severe weather is right around the corner.

Story County’s Emergency Management Agency says it’s made a change in activating its warning sirens.

Usually when people hear a siren that means a tornado could be in the area. Now in Story County, people could hear a siren if there are strong winds or potential hail damage in the area.

Story County EMA coordinator Keith Morgan says this change will allow more people to get inside and be safe.

“Sirens indicate danger and danger of being outside so the most important thing is to get inside. Don’t call 911 trying to determine what the reason is that the sirens are going off. Seek shelter, activate the different media outlets that you have available to you, get information through those but the most important thing is get inside and get yourself protected,” says Morgan.

Polk County Emergency Management follows the same policy. That changed in 2010.

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