SPEEDY DELIVERY: Mom And Baby Well After Traffic Stop Birth

It was a traffic stop that will be hard for anyone involved to forget.

Iowa City Police Officer Kevin Wolfe was in for a surprise when he pulled over a speeding SUV last week... then ended up helping deliver a baby.

Parents Ashley and Tyler Rathjen were speeding on their way to the hospital when Officer Wolfe saw them and tried to pull them over. Tyler says he wasn’t going to stop, but he hit a red light surrounded by heavy traffic and knew it was for the best.

Ashley says, 7 pound 12 ounce baby Owen just couldn’t wait. "In the midst of Tyler getting out of the car and talking to the officer, I delivered in the car as they came around," she explained.

It was just half an hour from the time Ashley's water broke in Williamsburg until the time Owen was born.

Officer Wolfe escorted the couple the last two blocks to the hospital and decided not to give Tyler a ticket. He visited the family at home this week where everyone is doing well.

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