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BUDGET PASSED: Finally Senate Passes a Budget

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The U.S Senate has passed its first budget in four years, but it took all night and then some. And it still barely passed.

The final vote happened just before 4 a.m. Iowa time today. The bill would raise taxes by one trillion dollars over the next decade by closing tax loopholes for the wealthy. That extra revenue will be used to fund programs House Republicans want to cut. It will also go towards deficit reduction, although the budget would never balance over that time. It passed 50 to 49

All Senate Republicans and four Democrats voted no.

Iowa's Tom Harkin was one of the 50 'yes' votes on the bill. He says the democratic plan is the right moral vision for American and issued this statement Saturday morning:

"We face a fundamental choice:  are we going to rescue, restore, and rebuild the struggling middle class in this country?  Or are we going to continue to shift even more wealth and advantages to those at the top - at the expense of the middle class?   The Senate budget resolution approved today says, loudly and clearly:  our no. 1 priority is to fight for a stronger middle class."

Republican senator Charles Grassley took to twitter with his thoughts (translated from shorthand), “Finally after four years of nothing, the Senate passes a budget.  It's a partisan budget.  Some democrats vote nay.  It's like cotton candy: sweet, but nothing there.”