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MURPHY’S LAW: Ramos robbed, ISU zigs through Zags, Robin Ficker

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By: John Sears

The Hawkeyes finished 4th at the NCAA wrestling tournament, about what I expected.  For Iowa, this is disappointing.  But for anyone who actually watched the Hawkeyes this year, they had flaws.  4th is about what I expected, even though it’s below Hawkeye expectations.

Penn State wins their 3rd straight national title.  Cael has it rolling in Happy Valley.  4-peat?

Cornell’s Kyle Dake won his 4th NCAA wrestling title.  He did it at 4 different weights, that’s unheard of.  No one in the history of college wrestling has won 4 titles at 4 different weights, until now.

ramosI feel bad for Iowa’s Tony Ramos.  I featured Tony this week, talked with him at length about his family, what winning a title would mean to him and his family.  Ramos loses again to Logan Stieber 7-4, but not without controversy.  In the 2nd period trailing 5-1 Ramos put Stieber on his back.  It EASILY could have been a fall, and AT LEAST should have been near fall points.  Neither were awarded.  Tom Brands went ballistic, Iowa challenged the call.  It wasn’t overturned.  Tony will get a couple more shots at Stieber, hopefully the final one coming a year from now with Ramos on top of the podium.

Ramos lost, but faced the media afterwards.  I have nothing but respect for athletes who answer questions despite coming up short.

Hats off to Derek St. John, National Champ for the Hawks at 157 pounds.  St. John isn’t the flashiest, but gets it done.

Iowa State’s toughest game is Sunday morning at 11:15 against Ohio State.  Win and the Cyclones have a legit shot at the Final Four.  The 1,3,4, and 5 seeds are all OUT in the West region.  Full disclosure, I picked Ohio State in my bracket, but I won’t be surprised if ISU pulls the upset.  Clones have the talent, and if they play like they did on Friday this game will be awesome.

The Cyclone women go on the road and win AT Gonzaga.   ISU is the 5 seed but had to play at 12 seeded Gonzaga.  Solid win for Fennelly and crew.

Hows your bracket?  I’ve still got all my Final Four teams left……..Yea, who cares…

Have you heard of Robin Ficker?  You may have.  He’s the craziest wrestling fan I’ve ever seen, hands down.  A die-hard Maryland Terrapin wrestling fan.  I did a story on him.  Here’s the link, you won’t be disappointed.

fickerFicker actually used to be a professional heckler.  Check out his wikipedia page.  Crazy crazy guy.  He’s also a lawyer.  Craziest fact about Ficker, Cahrles Barkley thought so much of him that he flew him out to Phoenix during the 1993 NBA Finals.  Barkley bought Ficker a ticket directly behind the bench of the visiting Chicago Bulls with the intent that Ficker’s taunts would distract the Bulls players. Ficker did not last the first quarter before being removed by security.  Awesome.