HIT-AND-RUN: Stolen Van Crashed

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Des Moines Police are searching for a driver of a hit-and-run.  They say someone stole a van parked on Seneca Avenue, then crashed it in the 700 block of Guthrie.  It happened around 6:30 AM.

“Just a bam, bam.  That quick,” says Jim Shepard.

He ran outside to see a white van a few houses down.  The driver knocked over two power poles and slammed into a retaining wall.

“There was a kid running this way, opened the door and he yelled, I need help,” he says.

While Shepard went to help him, he says the driver and another passenger fled the scene.  He called 911 and waited for police.

“He gave me his name and everything, said they'd been partying and he didn't really didn't know these guys that well and there were going to give him a ride home.  Well, he didn't get very far,” says Shepard.

Officers interviewed the passenger who stayed on scene, but he was not arrested.

Mid-American crews spent the day replacing the two utility poles and hanging the lines to restore power to the block.