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Monday evening the Iowa Senate is set to debate a major expansion of the Medicaid system.

Senate democrats say the largely federally funded expansion would be better to ensure the health of thousands of low income Iowans.

Critics worry about expanding the government's financial responsibilities and question what happens if federal dollars to pay for the expansion shrink later.

Republican State Senator Brad Zaun is one of the critics, “This is our tax dollars, it doesn’t matter if it’s fedral tax dollars or state tax dollars. I’d just rather have the responsibility lie on Iowa tax payers,” adding, “I like local control and I think we know what’s best for our citizens.”

Democrat State Senator Bill Dotzler disagrees, “Medicaid expansion isn't the old Medicaid. There are incentives in there to make sure Iowans get more healthy and we think that the governor’s argument about it helping expand the national debt is wrong because its already been budgeted If we don’t take the federal dollars now, other states will have it.”

The Governor Branstad is crafting his own, smaller plan. He says it'll require everyone to pay something.

The two State Senators were speaking on The Insiders. To watch the whole interview, click here.