HELMET LAW: Brain Injury Awareness

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March is National Brain Injury Awareness month and a group of Iowans is taking the time to raise awareness about one issue in particular, wearing a helmet.

David Mott of Waterloo believes his life could have been a lot different, if not for one  decision that changed his life forever.

In the summer on 1999, he was riding his motorcycle to work, when he got into an accident and suffered a brain injury. After spending a month in a coma Mott spent another 4-months in a brain injury rehab center in Ankeny. Now he lives with his mother.

“If I could have a time machine I would go back and put a helmet on because it would save me from putting my family through a lot of heck and trouble,” Mott says.

According to bicycle helmet safety institute, only 15-percent of motorcyclists in Iowa wear a helmet.

Harmony House in Waterloo is a step-by-step brain injury rehabilitation center, they have joined with the Northeast Iowa Brain Injury Alliance to talk about brain injury prevention this month in hopes of getting more people to wear a helmet.

Brenna Schaefer says she tells people, “walk through Harmony House and decide if wearing a helmet is more of an infringement on your freedom than living this sort of facility life.”

Iowa, Illinois and New Hampshire are the only states with no helmet laws.

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